Wednesday, April 9, 2008

work progress... 31/03


Site design:
I've planned out the structure and made drawings on how my site is going to look.
My site is basically contained of 4 zones : home, image zone, information and talk free zone.
home: the home page of the site
image zone : containing 3 gallaries : "moving billboards" containing images of people wearing lots of branded products on their body; "real vs fake" comparing images of real and fake branded products; and "crazy price" containing very images of products which people thinks is too expensive and not worth the price.
Information : articles or readings that discuss on the relevent issues.
talk free : for people to comment on this issue

Choosing a technology:
I've frist installed Silver Stripe, and have done a bit of its tutorial. But after I have discussed my ideas and site design with Rowen, he suggested me to use Wordpress as wordpress is better in creating a community and for posting up images and comments for the site.

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