Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Project2 Completed

have been getting people through MSN and Friendster to sign up for my site, post up comments and photos.

here's a link to High Class Penguin :

work progress... 07/04

Have been working on the development of the site over the weekend. The hard part I guess is getting the photo gallary to embed into my "image zone". Have encountering problems here and there throughout the process but oh well my gallary is now successfully up and running in a perfect condition! hurray! users can upload images, leave comments, and rate the photos in my gallary~

work progress... 05/04

not really satisfied with the theme I last modified. So, I've look through a few more themes, playing around with their CSS. Finally decided on a theme that I'll use. Have also made a headear and background for my site.

header development:

work progress... 03/04


Looking for wordpress themes, have found a theme that have simillar layout with my design. For now I'm still in the progress of editing the design and layout to the design I want for my "High Class Penguin" site.

work progress... 31/03


Site design:
I've planned out the structure and made drawings on how my site is going to look.
My site is basically contained of 4 zones : home, image zone, information and talk free zone.
home: the home page of the site
image zone : containing 3 gallaries : "moving billboards" containing images of people wearing lots of branded products on their body; "real vs fake" comparing images of real and fake branded products; and "crazy price" containing very images of products which people thinks is too expensive and not worth the price.
Information : articles or readings that discuss on the relevent issues.
talk free : for people to comment on this issue

Choosing a technology:
I've frist installed Silver Stripe, and have done a bit of its tutorial. But after I have discussed my ideas and site design with Rowen, he suggested me to use Wordpress as wordpress is better in creating a community and for posting up images and comments for the site.